ICMR-NITM is one of the younger institutions of the ICMR family that is engaged in leveraging the knowledge of Traditional Medicines (TM) in the development of cost-effective healthcare.

NITM is envisaged as the lead ICMR institute for research on TM. The strength of NITM is its strategic location at the foothills of the Western Ghats with rich medicinal plant resources, a young team of researchers from various fields, and an excellent network of committed and networked collaborators. NITM utilizes modern scientific knowledge and technology to validate traditional medicinal practices in its attempt to bridge the gap between traditional systems and modern medicine

Scope ofActivities

Situated at Belagavi in Karnataka, the ICMR-National Institute of Traditional Medicine (Formerly known as RMRC Belagavi) conducts research on traditional and herbal medicines and on diseases of local health importance.


The Institute is envisaged as a major Resource Centre for the development of herbal technologies and products for the prevention and treatment of major diseases including metabolic and hepatic disorders, ulcer, enteric diseases, etc. The current thrust areas of research include:

  • Documentation of local traditional medical practices/ medicinal plants
  • Scientific validation of herbal medicine (efficacy, safety, and mode of action)
  • Extraction, purification, characterization, and pharmacological screening of useful plants/ their phytoconstituents
  • Chemoprofiling and Genotyping of major useful medicinal plants
  • Development of chemical and molecular markers for identification of useful medicinal plants
  • Preservation and propagation of germplasm of important species
  • Research on diseases of regional importance to understand their etiology and epidemiology
  • Improvement of infrastructural facilities and strengthening human resources in the area of Herbal and Traditional Medicine
  • Close collaboration with traditional and herbal medicine practitioners in the region to:
    • Create general awareness
    • Promote scientific temperament and
    • Collect, collate, and disseminate relevant scientific information of herbal medicine.


  • The Institute is conducting Ph.D. &Post Doctoral research programs on its thrust areas.
  • The Institute provides hands-on training to Undergraduate and Graduate students of life sciences and medical sciences.
  • Training is provided on demand to technicians/field workers on various aspects of identification, biological screening, phytochemistry, and molecular biology of medicinal and aromatic plants.
  • The Institute provides the infrastructure to the neighbouring institutes for R & D activities.
  • NITM also provides statistical consultations for MD/Ph.D students of neighbouring institutions and is involved in propagating Bioethics to biomedical researchers in the North Karnataka region.


All the scientists of the institute are recognized guides/co-guides for Ph.D. and MD (Ayurveda) students of the KLE University and other National Universities.