The Department of Health Research was created as a new Department under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare vide Presidential Notification dated the 17th September, 2007 by an amendment to the Government of India (Allocation of Business) Rules, 1961. The Department has been allocated 9 new functions to promote health research activities, besides the ongoing work relating to the management and administration of ICMR.

Government of India, in June, 2013, approved the scheme for ‘Establishment of Model Rural Health Research Units (MRHRUs) in the States’ during the 12th Plan period as a path- breaking initiative to develop/strength the health research infrastructure in the country to fulfill the newly allocated function of the Department related to the “Promotion, Coordination and Development of Basic, Applied and Clinical Research”.

The scheme has been developed on the model of a functional rural health unit of ICMR at Ghatampur (UP), which has successfully demonstrated how the modern technologies and research, which are struck up at the national level centres/Medical Colleges, can be transferred and used in the rural settings for providing better health care to the population.


  • Create infrastructure at the periphery for transfer of technology to the rural level for improving the qualityof health services to rural population.
  • To ensure an interface between the new technology developers (Researchers in the Medical Institutions; State or Centre), health systems operators (Centre or state health services) and the beneficiaries (communities in rural areas)
  • Ensure the much needed geographical spread of health research infrastructure in the Country
  • Research program will focus on disease profile of the area and strategies for transfer of existing technologies to the end user will be evolved.

FUNDING/FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE FOR THE PROJECT: The MRHRUs will be developed and maintained as departmental units of Government of India, Department of Health Research (Ministry of Health & Family Welfare).


To develop State/area specific models depending upon the disease profile, topography, morbidity patterns and local conditions for transfer of the technology for providing better health care services to the rural masses by supporting and undertaking relevant research on local health issues as per the priorities identified by the State Govt. in close coordination with State health authorities. Special focus will be given to tribal areas, hilly terrain, and remote areas.

To create a state-wide research capability within the context of building the National Research Infrastructure, including training the health professionals of State Health System to enable them to carry out health research in the use of modern technologies and to replicate the models at local level.

To facilitate the transfer of appropriate technologies, existing and new, to make them available and accessible to target populations.

To undertake various research projects in close coordination with the State Government Institutions and others that are relevant and beneficial to the rural population.

These Units would function in an operational research mode and would serve as model units to transfer the technology to the state system for its applicability and feasibility in the rural settings. These units will undertake/translate the research under the basic, applied and clinical discipline for the use of population in that area.

Model Rural Health Research Unit, PHC, Sirwar, ManviTaluk, Raichur (Linked to Raichur Institute of Medical Sciences, Raichur).under the supervision of ICMR-NITM will strive to study the rural health care delivery, quality management, health safety assessment, health infrastructure target evaluation and planning, technology and expertise transfers and provide informational resources, educational and technical assistance that could bridge gaps in implementing a modern, affordable and sustainable model of health care delivery.